Client Projects Galore!

A sneaky peek at some of the awesome client projects I have coming up over the next few months. Mark your calendars and check back here for all the details as they are released...

July 2019


The Everyday Difference

From Ruth Poundwhite | Writer, Podcaster, & Business Mentor

Ruth's project, The Everyday Difference, is such an important one. She, and her participants, will be exploring the ways in which creatives and business owners are making a difference in the world, no matter how small, no matter how ‘quietly’.

Find out more and sign up here.

August 2019

Candid Confidence

From Tara McMullin | What Works

This project from Tara McMullin of The What Works Network (& podcast) consists of 8 interviews, 14 personal essays, and 22 days of condid conversation, all exploring the many ways entrepreneurs face their insecurities and level up in spite of them.

Find out more and sign up here.


The Magical Portal

From Nicola Humber | Unbound Press

Nicola is an author, publisher, book coach, podcaster, and all-round magical human. Her community project is all about the transformational journey of writing a book, and how each book we write is a magical portal to another world, and another phase of being - emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. As a writer myself I am super excited for this project!

Find out more and sign up here.

September 2019

TN headshot B&W.png

Tracie Nichols | Rebel Crone Rising

Project Title TBA

Tracie is a phenomenal woman and just thinking about the project we're going to co-create gives me tingles. She is a poet, coach, and aromatherapist helping 50+ women to subvert the story that culture tells about women and age, and write a brand new narrative. How powerful is that? Find out more about Tracie here.


Jen Pavich | Feminist Life Coach

Project Title TBA

Jen is an absolute powerhouse! She helps her clients to smash the patriarchy by overcoming all the bullshit in their own heads so that they can save the world. I'm so excited to help her rally the troops and prove to the world that feminism is not a dirty word. Find out more about Jen here.

October 2019


Kerstin Martin | Squarespace Expert, Designer, & Teacher

Project Title TBA

Kerstin is a Squarespace expert and teacher who uses a beautifully mindful and holistic approach to her work, as well as a stunning design aesthetic. She is also the designer of an amazing paper planner for entrepreneurs. The provisional theme for her community project is asking for impossible things, which is one of my absolute favourite hobbies - I can't wait to help Kerstin bring this to life! Find out more about Kerstin here.

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