I've had the privilege of working with some incredible people over the years. Here's what they have to say.

Eli truly understands the creative process and the way in which creatives need to market themselves. She listens carefully and is a delight to work with.
— Helen Davies
One of the best things about working with Eli is her ability to simplify things and concentrate on the task in hand. She is able to explain things in a way that you understand.

Eli is a very creative person and any creative who runs a business would very much benefit from working with her. She rocks!
— Amy Trevaskus | Author & Creative Director
Eli is reliable and unflappable and really believes in the talents of every one of her clients. She’s a diamond and I can’t recommend her highly enough. Get her to help you - you know you want to...
— Cathy Dean | Life Coach
There’s a kind of buzz about Eli which makes you feel you can conquer the world. But she is not just friendly, bright and enthusiastic – she really knows her stuff!
— S.J. | Artist
I cannot recommend Eli highly enough, she truly understands creativity, her enthusiasm is catching, and she makes you feel that your work has unlimited potential. You will not only find Eli inspirational but she might just be the missing link to your success. I do not know what I would have done without her.
— Pia Wennell | Artist
The thing I liked best about working with Eli was that she heard me out and supported me, rather than dictated to me. I know what I need to do right now and the next few steps ahead are more certain, so I can crack on with it and keep rolling forwards.

Plus, she’s lovely! It’s so easy to talk to her, and it’s a really co-operative conversation.
— Catherine Haymes | Art of Worthiness
I was feeling overwhelmed with trying to fit everything in and I felt a second pair of eyes might help me chill out and work out a plan. Eli did just that. She’s very lovely and approachable, has at her fingertips a vast range of resources, which was brilliant.
— Susie Jones | Mildred Jones Jewellery
I felt instantly comfortable with Eli. She’s very down to earth and got straight to the point.

I loved that she sent me an email with links and worksheets within an hour or so of our session - that put me in a position where I felt honour-bound to follow everything through because she’d been so lovely and stuck to her promise.
— Ann Grange | Wild Rosemary Writing Services
I LOVE Eli’s projects. They are EXACTLY what is good about collaboration.
— Lucy H. Pearce | Author & Publisher
Eli’s a highly capable individual. What I’d specifically highlight about her approach is that she genuinely cares about her clients and helping them to achieve what they’re aiming for.
— Bryony Thomas | Watertight Marketing
Eli is a brilliant listener. In terms of the sales process she listened and asked all the right questions and she really understood where I needed help. She’s lovely and friendly.

She follows up really quickly which builds trust, and I could see that could work with her immediately. I thought she was great from the start.

Eli is somebody who will help you to get things done. She is incredibly motivating. If you have a project that needs to happen and you need the support to make it happen, then Eli is your woman.

What makes her better and different is her ability to listen; really listen, and understand what needs to happen. I think a lot of people are very bad at that. They’ll give their own view first without listening to your requirements but Eli makes it all about what you need.

She’s a delight to work with and I recommend her to all my clients. She really understands how to market a small business today.
— Sonja Jefferson | Valuable Content
Eli knows her shit, that is for sure! She’s super positive but her ideas and advice are grounded in reality. She so clearly wants other people to be a success and happy, and her positivity is highly infectious.
— Sam Jones | Photographer
I found Eli is brilliant to work with. She is a friend first, and truly listens to what you are saying. Then she gently guides you to solutions that will help you move on with your project and makes you decide to take action on things out of your comfort zone without you even realising it! From just one session with Eli, I have been energised and more focused.
— Jessy Paston | Photographer
I love Eli’s openness, honesty, encouragement and the feeling that she understands. And the fact that I came away still slightly scared, but fizzing with energy – a calmer, more purposeful energy than usual, which has resulted in actual action, rather than that frenetic fizzy energy which is great but not terribly useful.
— Carla Watkins | Photographer & Mermaid
Light as a feather, punchy as hell!
— Jenny Kowalczuk | Writer
I love the idea of thinking of networking as a way to collect kindred spirits, and Eli is such a great role model for that way of connecting with people.
— Alexandra Bollag | Alexander Technique Teacher