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I’m always excited when I see one of Eli’s emails in my inbox, because I know it’s going to be full of genuinely useful and encouraging information, interesting or thought provoking discussion of ideas, and her enthusiasm is infectious. I don’t know how she manages to nail it every time, but she does! It kind of blows my mind how each one is SO good.
— Tara Leaver | Artist & Teacher
I loved your last newsletter, am still mulling it over. Thank you 💙
— Maryanne Hawes | Artist
I LOVED your newsletter this week about social anxiety and how you’ve made it easier on yourself. The resources you shared were so good, too!
— Christine Blubaugh | Copywriter
Every time I click on your latest email, I get sucked into at least an hour of exciting, funny, thought-provoking, useful, groundbreaking, beautiful and inspiring stuff. Thank you!
— S.J. | Scotland
Really loved this week’s newsletter, Eli! I was especially taken by all the fantastic links you shared in the resource section. Wowza! That kept me reading some majorly quality content for quite a bit yesterday and today. :-) Keep up the fantabulous work!
— Christianne Squires | Bookwifery

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