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I absolutely adore being interviewed, and I’ve had the pleasure of being featured by some awesome people, podcasts, and publications.


The Unquiet Sisterhood Podcast with Jen Pavich

Ep#17: The Magic of Building Community with guest Eli Trier

This week, I'm talking with Eli Trier about the magic that happens when we create authentic and engaged conversations to build communities.


The Couragemakers Podcast

Episode 128: Showing up fully in all your wibbly-wobbly, wonky glory with Eli Trier

  • Eli’s journey from struggling with crippling anxiety to helping people build authentic communities

  • Eli’s rich internal life

  • Learning to apologise properly

  • Putting firm boundaries around your energy and time so you can show up fully

  • How Eli decided to commit to talking to herself like her own best friend

  • How to find your people

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The DIY Small Business Podcast with Yarrow Magdalena

Podcast #21 Eli Trier on building community around your business

This one with Eli Trier stayed with me for a long time and gave me a whole bunch of ideas that I have already implemented. I am honestly so grateful I met Eli and got this little glimpse behind the scenes of how she does things. It’s magic! Here is what we talked about:

  • How to reach out to others as an introvert

  • Overcoming social anxiety and creating working conditions that truly work for us in a sustainable, regenerative way

  • The magic of creating community projects that go much deeper than your average telesummit or weekend gathering

  • Why bringing people together around a shared passion is so much more powerful than shouting random stuff from the rooftops

  • Redefining our ideas of success and “adulthood”

  • Rehumanising business relationships and investing in transparency, kindness and connection

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What Works with Tara McMullin

EP 215: Growing An Audience Together with Community Builder Eli Trier

  • Why Eli Trier embarked on her first community project - and the results she experienced from that first project

  • How facilitating community projects help her reach important business goals and build her audience

  • The exact process Eli uses to put together each project

  • How community projects differ from less effective marketing tactics like telesummits


Three Sixty Conversations with Tamu Thomas

Episode 34: Eli Trier on redefining community

Eli describes herself as an introvert and has been assessed as being on the Autistic Spectrum, she shares what this means for her in terms of relationship building and creating work that works for her. In this episode we discuss the power of building connections and relationships that leave you feeling full rather than drained which is very important for introverts or people with characteristics that mean they require a more gentle and connected communication style.

The Turning Point with Helen Rebello

Episode #8: The Big Leap with Eli Trier

In today's honest and insightful conversation, Eli Trier shares what led up to the Big Leap she calls her Saturn Return moment, a significant diagnosis in her thirties, and the magic that has unfolded in her life since.

Eli is a wonderful human being, and I hope you'll love what she shares about not fitting in and finding your place in life.


The Meaningful Business Podcast with Jo Casey

How To Build Communities That Build Your Business with Community Creator Eli Trier

Eli really brings an honesty and practicality to her work and shares her business journey as well as a ton of actionable ideas and strategies for developing your own community projects.

And what I love is how our philosophies align – she’s all about creating meaningful interactions in this digital world and how we can use our passions and our businesses to alleviate the chronic loneliness and disconnection that’s rife in our world, to create something magical – all while earning your living.

We talk about mental health, networking as an introvert, being the hub and the connector as a way to build relationships – and how we can build meaningful, honest, human businesses along the way.

Want me on your podcast?

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