This is a hill I'm willing to die on:

Relationships are worth so much more than numbers

But wait - that’s not what the internet tells us to do! We’re meant to grow at all costs, build our list, scale - AND relationships are only valuable if they have an ROI.

Yeah, that’s bollocks.

Chasing growth usually comes at the expense of connection

And connection, my lovely, is the name of the game. The real secret to getting all of the good stuff you’re craving. And yep, that includes business success too.


love>numbers - a 6-week community experience designed to teach you everything you need to know about getting connected and building a network online.

Here’s the real truth:

Marketing and sales can (and should) feel like hanging out with your mates.

AND - the best kept secret of online business success is that most folks build their businesses not through funnels and massive email lists but through personal connections and behind the scenes conversations.

It’s connection that is key.

Do you know what another word for connection is? Love.

AND there’s no funnel in the world that can give you, or your potential raving, adores-the-pants-off-you fan, that feeling.

That’s why love truly is greater than numbers when it comes to building a business that’s going to last.


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Jean Dawkins.jpg

Jean Dawkins | You Have To Just Start

I knew that connection was something I really needed to focus on. Doing random posting in Facebook groups seemed pointless and I felt like I needed a different marketing strategy. love>numbers gave me a strategy that feels doable for me - small bits AND building relationships, which also describes the way I navigate life!

Since love>numbers I'm now investing significant time on Instagram: connecting, connecting, connecting. I have three coffee chats lined up in the next week: two of which are connections with people I've followed (and I've been on their radar as well) but this is kicking it up to the next level.

I loved Eli’s energy, generosity and the very specific examples of her connections with people. The smallness of the group was a bonus, and the 1:1 session was FABULOUS!

I would absolutely recommend this programme, because I believe it's important to know there are other business models available for marketing. It's refreshing to open myself up to new possibilities other than the broken record information we all get online.

Eli’s enthusiasm and encouragement is infectious, and love>numbers is such a valuable offering!

Why place our attention on love and connection?


There’s a lot of talk in the online space about growing your audience, being seen by a wider group, and attracting your ideal clients.

A lot of people suggest you do this by:

  • Randomly spamming podcast hosts asking to be on their show.

  • Hiring a consultant for Facebook ads to promote your opt in/new course/downloadable doodad and watching the money drain out of your PayPal account with precious little to show for it.

  • Paying out eye watering amounts of money to a coach who will teach you the ‘secret to high ticket sales’ and then spending your time hyperventilating in the corner at the sheer amount of sleazy self promotion that’s demanded of you (not to mention learning manipulative high pressure sales tactics that you can’t bring yourself to do).

  • Post more! more! more! on social media, chasing followers and growing your ‘audience’ without having any way to turn those followers into potential customers.

Connection, on the other hand, bypasses all of the sleaze, hustle and empty toxicity of the online business world. And you never know where a new connection will lead…


In one month alone…

⦁ I was invited onto two podcasts,

⦁ I was invited to be a guest expert in someone’s membership group,

⦁ I was invited to contribute to a book on being a creative woman,

⦁ I was offered a guest post slot on a popular blog,

⦁ I found the perfect business coach to take me to the next level,

⦁ and I was referred four new potential clients (all of whom I ended up working with).

Not to mention the week I generated $18,000 worth of business simply by having lovely, casual chats with awesome people.

All this is fantastic for my business, right? And I can trace each event back to me just reaching out and saying hello to someone new, not because I thought they could do something for me, but just because they tripped my ‘kindred spirit’ radar.

The long and short of it is - connection is a way to bypass all of the bullshit out there and create a business that both feels great and is wildly successful.


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Nyree Hughes.jpg

Nyree Hughes | And Words Ltd

I was a bit apprehensive before we got started. I’m not good at working in a group and I get pretty anxious - especially when it’s groups of people new to me. Equally, I’m very quiet online. After spending years being the voice for others through my work I found I didn’t have my own. I felt disingenuous and had no idea what to post.

Now the programme is over, I still don’t like groups (!) but I feel much more comfortable about it. I’m still not hugely vocal online, but I’m building relationships on a more one-to-one level and I’m learning to take things slower, despite my impatience!

During love>numbers I contacted a former colleague who I liked working with, just to catch up... and through him I met the MD of his company and will now be working for them two days a week! I’ve also secured further work with a former colleague. The programme made me think about networking differently - I don’t need to be putting myself ‘out there’. Instead I can use social media tools in ways that work for me.

Eli is easy to work with. She has a natural, personable approach, yet it’s not airy fairy - there’s no bull! It was a joy working with her.

Connecting online is a skill that can be learned


Who am I?

These are skills that can be learned, I should know. I am introverted to the point of being a recluse, highly sensitive, and I’m autistic - this stuff does not come naturally to me! In fact, in my teens and early twenties I suffered from crippling social anxiety, and I was unable to talk to people or look people in the eye, even members of my own family.

I have learned how to do this from the ground up, and so can you. I understand where you’re coming from and the things that hold you back, because I’ve been there.

To date, I have built three successful businesses from scratch by focusing on talking to people, or more importantly, LISTENING to them (as an introvert this is your superpower), and I’m now not only super well-connected, I also actively enjoy reaching out to new people and having exciting conversations with them.

The fantastic news is, it all comes down to knowing yourself and your limitations/preferences and working within those parameters, oh, and PRACTICE!

And if you’re willing to do that, try something new, step a bit outside of the traditional ‘funnel-hustle-scale’ online mantra, you’re golden.

THAT is what love>numbers is here to help you do.  

What love>numbers actually is

love>numbers is a 6-week, cosy and intimate group experience designed to teach you everything you need to know about getting connected, building a network online, and focusing on relationships over follower counts.


This is not an ecourse!

We all have hard drives stuffed to the gills with unfinished ecourses, I know I certainly have! That is not what love>numbers is at all. I'm not just going to throw a ton of cookie-cutter information at you and leave you to get on with it yourself.

Rather than relying on a 'one size fits all' curriculum, love>numbers is designed to be malleable enough to fit the specific needs of the people involved.

Plus you get not one but TWO 1:1 calls with me where we can explore your individual needs, preferences, issues, and abilities, and uncover ways that you can adapt my methods to create a personal connection strategy which feels 100% right for you.

We have a rough framework that we follow week by week, but the content is driven by the needs of the people in the group - it's a collaborative conversation, where you're not only learning from me, you're also getting the benefit of the knowledge and experience of your fellow travellers.

What's more, accountability is baked in to every step, so you'll be actually putting what you learn into practice from the very beginning.


You’ll walk away with a proven, repeatable system for building genuine connections online that will last for the life of your business.

You will have a personalised list of 100 (yes, you read that right) people who are great fit connections for you to reach out to, AND a method of doing so that’s human, genuine, and 100% you.

You’ll have access to me at every step of the way, helping you craft those personal touch messages, checking things out for you when you feel unsure and generally being the bounciest ‘can-do’ cheerleader for you and your business.

I’ll show you how you can turn the right connections into clients in a way that places sovereignty and equal power balance at the heart of that relationship so it’s never manipulative and always a win-win for both parties.

Your business will feel like a lovely extension of who you are in the world - not something that’s filled with formulas, ROI and data points.

It will feel like a total no-brainer for the right people to hire you - because they will already know, like and trust you as well as understanding who you are as a human (rather than as a distant internet drone).

You’ll never feel like a spambot. Like ever. I promise.


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Vix Harris.jpg

Vix Harris | Vix Harris Art

I was looking forward to getting more connected, but I was unsure how to start. love>numbers helped me to become much more confident, and more aware of the connections I already have but perhaps didn't realise. The main thing that shifted for me during the programme was my mindset around building a community.

I loved the fact that the group was small and I loved that we had the opportunity to speak with Eli one-on-one. Eli is very friendly and approachable and she doesn’t teach in a way that adds pressure or stress. She lets everyone work at their own pace and bring their whole selves to the experience, which I think is really important. She’s patient and kind, and allows people to just be who they are without certain expectations.

I thoroughly enjoyed the programme and will definitely be revisiting all the materials. I'm so glad I took the opportunity to get to know Eli better and to connect with other like-minded creatives.

What you get


Six 60-minute group calls where we discuss that week’s theme so that you can ask me questions directly and learn from the experiences and issues of others in the group as well.


Two 1:1 calls (one 60 minutes & one 30 minutes) with me so that we can dive deep into your specific situation and tackle your personal fears and questions head on.


Email access to me for message checking and in-the-moment questions so you can hit send with total confidence that you’re not rushing a relationship or coming off as spammy.


Weekly tasks and homework to gently challenge you to step out of your comfort zone so that you can experience wins quickly and build your confidence within the safety of the group. Plus supplementary videos on key learning points so you can get super clear how you can apply my methods to your own situation.


Two full weeks of connection practice with hands-on support from me so that you can find ways and methods of reaching out and communicating that feel good to you without having to worry if you’re ‘doing it right’.


The opportunity to develop relationships with the others in the group so that you can instantly start benefiting from the power of connection. We’ll have a group chat room on Telegram so you can get support and encouragement from your fellow travelers as well as making new friends and connections.


Be the first to know when applications reopen

love>numbers will be back in October 2020!

If you want the opportunity to be first in line to grab one of the (extremely) limited spots, then make sure you sign up for the wait list below.


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Lillian Bajor.jpg

Lillian Bajor | Peaceful Prosperity

I signed up for love>numbers because I knew I had to connect, but I wasn't excited about it and thus found myself avoiding it. But now I am enthusiastic about reconnecting and about making new connections as well! I love the inner Labrador analogy!

Since doing the programme, two people have shown interest in my class and we are in conversation, I was referred to be a guest speaker in a group, and I also asked someone to share my class with their following and they agreed! Now I can really see the value people get from working with me - I am friendly, kind and have a wealth of information to share.

Eli’s friendly approach with a high level of expertise was refreshing, I loved it. I also loved learning by example – Eli is what she teaches, so it was a visceral experience for me. I enjoyed the class, which is huge for me and made learning very easy.

I found Eli’s content, approach and delivery highly valuable. love>numbers was just what I needed at the right time. I highly recommend this programme – you’ll not only enjoy it, you’ll learn valuable information that is easy to implement.

Week by Week

Week 1.jpg

Week One - WHY

The one where we talk about WHY connection and outreach are so valuable and what that means for your business.

We’ll explore the online marketing New World Order, networking vs net-helping, and set our goals and objectives for the following weeks.

Group call + 1:1 call + homework.

week 2.jpg

Week Two - WHO

The one where we talk about WHO you need (and want) to be connecting with and why, and start making a list.

We’ll explore the importance of intention, creating a connection strategy, who you already know and how you can reconnect with old contacts, and honing your Kindred Spirit Radar.

Group call + homework.

Week Three - WHERE

The one where we talk about WHERE to find your ‘right’ people and how that lines up with where you prefer to hang out online.

We’ll explore all sorts of ways to find your people and their favourite hang out spots, being a Kindred Spirit Detective, and the places where people are most open to talking to strangers.

Group call + homework.

Week 4.jpg

Week Four - HOW

The one where we talk about HOW you actually go about reaching out and starting a conversation with someone new.

We’ll explore channeling your Inner Labrador, exactly what to say and when, managing your energy, dealing with rejection, and building a stack of yeses.

I’ll also share with you examples of real conversations I’ve had so you can get a clear idea of how to start a conversation with a stranger.

Group call + homework.

week 5.jpg

Week Five - PRACTICE

The one where you take the leap and start to PRACTICE reaching out to people.

I’ll be by your side the whole way through (or whenever you need me), checking your messages, guiding you with what to say, showing you at what point you can take a relationship further, or where you should pull back.

We’ll explore how you can be consistent with outreach and maintain relationships without losing your mind.

Group call + homework.

Week 6.jpg


The one where you keep practicing your freshly-minted connection skills (with me on hand if you need me), we’ll talk about your NEXT STEPS, and celebrate how far you’ve come.

We’ll also explore non-manipulative, non-pushy sales skills and how you can elegantly invite the right connections to become clients (in a way which gives them total agency), and I’ll share real examples of the sales invitations I use in my own business.

Group call + 1:1 call + homework.


Be the first to know when applications reopen

love>numbers will be back in October 2020!

If you want the opportunity to be first in line to grab one of the (extremely) limited spots, then make sure you sign up for the wait list below.


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Joanna Hennon.jpg

Joanna Hennon | Manifestation Coach

I wasn't sure if I needed a course, but I was hoping that committing to working with Eli would shift my focus to connection - I was more looking to do rather than learn.

Before love>numbers I felt like connections were taking up so much of my time and I resented that time. I wanted to be connected with people on a deeper level but didn't think I could do it without back-to-back calls in my calendar (impossible) or other super intensive strategies. Now, I feel much better - I see how to do things in a way that works for me, and that I don't always have to have a call, there are other ways of connecting too.

My mindset around connection has changed so much - last year I did personal videos for my annual group members when their membership was up for renewal - but I kind of resented the time it took, and decided not to do them again, my focus was definitely on numbers rather than love! Now I decided to do them again after all and enjoyed it, AND I’m getting great feedback, including that it’s this personal attention that makes my group special. I’m so happy to have made this shift!

My favourite part of love>numbers was the momentum of practicing, since Eli got us to connect with each other first. I also loved the break out rooms, and I got so much clarity from my 1:1 call!

I would recommend this programme to anyone looking to stop following the 'it's a numbers game' advice. Eli is so giving - I felt really supported throughout the whole process, and truly enjoyed it.

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Monica Moran.jpg

Monica Moran | The Creative Beast

Before love>numbers I felt stuck in how to reach out to connect and grow my network. But Eli showed me how my natural connecting skills can be tweaked to enhance the way I connect. I'm feeling more confident in my natural connecting skills, and in what I have to offer with my creativity workshops!

During the programme I reached out to one of my long running personal connections and she will be referring me for conducting creativity workshops with her workplace, something I had not expected. I guess one never really knows where a business opportunity might happen - it could be through a personal or business connection!

I loved meeting and connecting with my classmates in the programme. I have continued connections with many of them and there are some wonderful opportunities starting to form with collaborations in the future, which I am excited about! I loved the pace of the course, and having a whole week to focus on just one lesson. The weekly lessons were do-able, not at all overwhelming!

I would absolutely recommend working with Eli! She is great at taking one piece of running a business and getting to the heart of how to approach it. The lessons were straightforward and easy to accomplish, so one can feel proud of the accomplishment and build confidence on that to move forward.

Eli breaks down the myths about connecting and 'networking' to make them accessible. She is great at getting to the heart of the matter to solve any conundrum you have about your business.

Thank you for a wonderful programme, Eli!

You can't scale personal, individual attention, and you shouldn't try to.

But you CAN build a nourishing, sustainable, gorgeous business by nurturing your existing community and consciously expanding it using my system.

Treat your people with love and the growth will come.