If you’re ready to create a powerful, meaningful, valuable community project for your business, and want someone to walk you through it every step of the way, this is for you.




A sacred space holder for your vision.

Hands on help and support to turn your idea into reality.

Together we’ll craft the perfect community project that will achieve all your objectives - you bring your ideas and I’ll help you spin them into gold.  

FACT: most online list building techniques are not fit for purpose.

There are lots of ways you can try and grow your community online: telesummits, webinars, challenges, e-courses, giveaways.

But most of these fall flat when it comes to doing what you REALLY want your community project to do - bring in more clients, more money and allow you to genuinely have more impact.

The problem I see with most of those methods?

They’re just not STRATEGIC enough.

They’re just not HUMAN enough.

They’re just not VALUABLE enough to your audience

At the core of all of the community projects I help create is an effective strategy right from the start.


Every successful community project has to work for these three groups of people:


1 - You (and your business objectives)


2 - The people you invite to submit (your participants)


3 - Your wider audience and the people you want to attract.


If it doesn’t, your community project won't deliver the results you deserve it to.


Because I know you have big things to say, do and achieve through your business. So you want your community project to have the maximum impact possible.



Building a community project is powerful and magnetic - and it can feel overwhelming. 

The Conception to Completion Package is designed to keep you out of overwhelm and in your zone of genius. It ensures that your strategy is on point from day one. It sets you up for success and supports you every step of the way.  

Rest assured - I’ve thought of everything so you don’t have to. 

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Eli’s non-traditional approach to marketing made SO MUCH SENSE to this non-traditional womxn. Also, she knows what she’s doing! The project and support documentation were well organized, clear, and I always knew exactly what I needed to be working on.

Plus, I knew she was there for me. Forgoodnesssake....we were talking in the weeks before and after her wedding and I never felt like her attention was divided. I loved that… and the laughter ;)

If you’re considering hiring Eli, do it! Look, if you're anything like me - highly sensitive, introverted, easily ka-boomed by go, go, go, do, do, do business-building strategies, yet fiercely dedicated to both making a difference and having a sustainable, profitable business - then don't miss working with Eli's particular brand of community building magic. A little over one month into implementing an Eli strategy, my community has nearly doubled - and they're engaged, interested, amazing people. Most importantly, I have momentum again after a long dry spell. I don't have to tell you how precious that is.

Eli, you are the perfect marriage of practical, road-tested, well-organized, doable community building strategies with genuine kindness, joyful support, confidence and wisdom. You. Know. Your. Shit. Full stop.

This is for you if:

  • You’ve tried community-focused projects in the past (like a challenge, telesummit or online event) and they’ve fallen flat.

  • You know what you want to create (or at least have a fuzzy vision of it) but you’re missing a piece of the puzzle.

  • You have the ideas - but you’re not sure if they are targeted and strategic enough to get you the results you want.

You’ll get feedback whenever you need it, and I’ll keep you on track, so you can be completely confident that nothing will fall through the cracks.

Over the course of three months, we’ll take your project from conception to completion. Templates, examples, and actionable next steps at every stage of the process will ensure that you’ll be able to make your project happen with ease.

And the results?

More clients. More money. More visibility.

All while remaining your gorgeous, introverted, ethical self.


What’s so genius about how Eli works is the amount of practical support and clarity she provides.

As someone who’s both introverted and creative, I can get easily overwhelmed when it comes to launching big projects. But with Eli this hasn’t happened - in fact, I’ve felt like I had the right amount of structure to really allow my creativity to flourish.

At every stage Eli provided feedback, direction, action plans - bloomin’ Trello boards even! That felt supportive and never restrictive.
— Jo Casey | Business Coach & Mentor
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Your Investment: 22,000 DKK (Danish Kroner)

(Approx.$3253 USD or click here to convert to your currency)

What’s Included in The Conception to Completion Mentoring Package

When you choose this package we’ll work together for three months, taking your community project from conception to completion.

Over the course of six sessions, I’ll guide you through everything from choosing the topic of your project and your participants, to how to promote, set up and run your project smoothly.

Here’s what business strategist and coach Sophy Dale says about her experience:


Your Sessions

session 1.jpg

Your Idea

In our first session we’ll look at your objectives for running your project, and figure out the ‘why, what, when, how, who’. This will give you a blueprint of your project so you know you’re always on the right path.

session 2.jpg

Your participants

Our second session is all about who you’ll be asking to share their stories. We’ll make sure you have a diverse range of people, and that your participants are the perfect fit for your project.

session 3.jpg

your promotion

In this session we’ll cover how you can promote and market your project, and what tools you can provide to your participants to make it easy for them (without making any demands) to promote it too.

session 4.jpg

your set up

In this session we’ll talk about the nuts and bolts of getting your project set up on your chosen delivery method. I’ll guide you through any technical snafus you might come across, and make sure your project is set up to run smoothly.

session 5.jpg

flight check

This is our last session before your project actually goes live, and here we’ll double check that everything is in place, and you’re ready to go, giving you total peace of mind, and meaning that you can focus on your community.

session 6.jpg

wrap up & review

In our final session together we’ll wrap up the project and review how it went. We’ll also talk about how you can keep people engaged, help them become long-term members of your community, and turn them into clients.


Extra Bits Galore!

After each session you’ll receive a personalised action plan detailing exactly what you need to do next with stacks of templates and examples to work from so you don’t get stuck. Seriously, this part is GOLD - think swipe copy for emails and social media, customisable graphics & ebook templates, support information to send to your participants, Trello boards to keep track of everything, and much, much more.

You’ll get a recording of each session so you can listen again if you need to, and you’ll also have unlimited email support from me for the duration of our time together, and I’ll send you any additional resources I think you’ll find helpful.

Every client gets their own private Client Portal where all the documents, links, PDFs and session recordings are uploaded, so nothing ever gets lost, and you don’t have to waste time trawling through your inbox looking for that one piece of information.

I didn’t expect running the project to change anything significant for me. I thought it would be interesting, but it turned out to be business-changing (and therefore, at least a little bit life-changing).
— Sophy Dale | Business Strategist & Coach

This Is Not A Telesummit!

Do Something Great.jpg

My approach is very different

I’m sure you’ve heard about (or been contacted by) people who run online summits. The ones who invite you to participate and then make you disclose the size of your mailing list, or demand that you do a particular amount of promotion as dictated by them. It feels really icky, like you’re being manipulated and taken advantage of to build someone else’s business.

The community projects that we create together are nothing like the yukky summit model.

The focus is on community first and foremost.

Yes, there are marketing benefits (big ones). Yes, you will grow your mailing list. Yes, you will reach a bigger audience. But these are by-products of running an event which focuses whole-heartedly on bringing people together.

When we work together to choose your participants, we don’t think about who has the biggest list, we think about whose voice most needs to be heard on this particular topic.

When we work together on promotion, we focus on all the ways that you can promote your project, and what tools you can provide to help your participants promote it if they choose to. No demands, no conditions. You get much better results by making your participants feel valued and respected, rather than like they’re just a cog in your marketing machine.

Together we create projects that benefit EVERYONE involved.

So, if you’re a Quiet Revolutionary looking for a way to gather your people, make a massive impact in your industry (and the world), and call your dream clients to your door, all whilst honouring your gentle, introverted nature, I would love to work with you.

What Happens Next?

If you’d like to move forward with the Conception to Completion Package, the next thing you need to do is book a free, no-obligation discovery call with me.

This takes around 30 minutes, and we can both see if we’re a good fit to work together. It’s a completely no pressure call, so if you’re just not feeling it, I promise I won’t be offended.

I can’t wait to hear from you!