The joy of small and slow

Slow down and enjoy life. It’s not only the scenery you miss by going too fast - you also miss the sense of where you are going and why.
— - Eddie Cantor

I've been having a lot of conversations recently about hustle culture, and the whole '6 figures in 6 minutes' crazy wave of bullshit that has been the online marketing landscape over the last few years.

I feel like the tide is beginning to turn.

There is no joy in hustling until you drop. There is no joy in burning out and ending up a broken, resentful husk of a person.

The cult of busy has had its day.

I am absolutely loving that more and more business coaches and advisers are coming out in praise of slow marketing, keeping things small, and focusing more on what brings you joy, as well as profit - because, despite what most of the internet wants you to believe, it is perfectly possible to be small and profitable, or part-time and profitable, or even not-on-social-media and profitable. (Check out Paul Jarvis' new book Company of One for more on this, if you haven't already)

So, if you're feeling a bit wobbly about not being where you want to be yet, or not earning enough yet, I want to challenge you to think about all the wonderful things about being small and going slowly in your business. For example:

  • Free time to sleep in and dream and plan and head out to the beach on a random Tuesday afternoon.

  • Being able to go the extra mile for your clients, customers and community.

  • Genuine relationships and connection - I love that I recognise all the people who are following me on Instagram and know (roughly) who they are and what they do.

  • Room to make (inevitable) mistakes without the whole world watching.

  • Time to refine your processes and systems.

  • The agility to pivot and change direction at a moment's notice.

  • Time and space to create amazing deep, valuable content.

  • Time to discover who your ideal clients are, and actually have conversations with them about what they need.

  • Only having to pay yourself.

  • Freedom to make decisions on how you want your business to run, and the ability to change your mind.

  • Being able to stop whenever you like to read a book, or have a bath, or take a walk.

And yes, you can totally have all of these things and still have a thriving, profitable business!

If you need a bit of inspiration or guidance in this arena, then here are a few incredible women who are totally owning it in the slow business/marketing space. Please do check them all out and show them some love - they are pioneers for us all.

Some brilliant biz ladies to follow who are sharing amazing slow, soulful business & marketing advice:

  • Heidi Taylor - Heidi is an amazing business and sales coach who is unlike any sales coach I've ever come across. For a start she's an introvert through and through, and her approach is gentle, wise, and phenomenally soulful. Check out her Instagram stories on a Wednesday for in-depth intake form reviews. Her website is currently being revamped, but in the meantime you can follow her on Instagram here.

  • Julie Wolk - Julie's work is the perfect antidote to the current epidemic of hustle-mentality. She helps entrepreneurs to create businesses modeled on the way nature works - following natural, seasonal cycles and rhythms. If having a deeply-rooted and blossoming business guided by nature sounds like your cup of tea, then go and check her out. I love the 'Natural Business Cycle' diagram on her about page. She's not on Instagram, but you can find her on Facebook here.

  • Caroline Leon - Caroline is one of the loveliest, and savviest, business voices around. Her approach is deeply rooted in coming from a place of service, but in a way which is both profitable and sustainable. She runs a membership group called The Female Business Academy which is well worth your time and money. She has a knack of attracting the most wonderful people to her. You can find her on Instagram here.

  • Dani Gardner - AKA The Quiet Marketer. Dani is the perfect person to follow for guidance on how to successfully market your business without having to be online all the time. I love her for her smart, savvy, unusual business advice, and the fact that she calls herself an 'activist for quiet marketing and the slow business movement'. You can find her on Instagram here.

  • Jo Casey - if you've been following me for any length of time you'll know that Jo is one of my favourite people in the world. She's my business coach, and also one of my clients. Part of her work is unpacking feminine conditioning in a business and marketing context, which I believe is CRUCIAL for all of us. I can't pick one thing to highlight because I think everything she does is amazing, but she does have an awesome podcast you should definitely listen too. Find her on Instagram here.

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