The great 'virtual coffee date' debate

Are you a fan of the ‘virtual coffee’ date?

A virtual coffee date, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, is when you meet up with someone for a casual ‘getting to know you’ video call. Often with people that you only know from the internet, through Instagram or a blog, for example.

It’s one-to-one networking for the digital age.

What’s the point?

I LOVE doing virtual coffee dates, and I’ve found them to be one of the most effective marketing tools that I use in my business. Not only does it give me the opportunity to find out more about the people I want to serve, it also gives me the opportunity to introduce myself and my business to new people (a quick caveat - this is NOT the time to roll out your sales pitch! Save that for your sales/discovery calls).

The point of these calls is to connect. To find the people that you want in your world (your kindred spirits), and go deeper with them than you can in a social media comment or a DM.

Having casual video calls with cool peeps I meet on the internet is one of the best things I've ever done for my business - it's led to clients, referrals, opportunities like podcast interviews, guest expert slots, collaborations, friendships. All sorts of great stuff. 

A surprising discovery

One of the people I had a virtual coffee date with recently told me that she had never thought of doing them before, and I was so surprised. I had to investigate further…

I did a poll on my Instagram stories asking whether people set up virtual coffee dates, and the results were quite astonishing - only 55% said yes, 45% said no. 

Then my Instagram friend Meighan O’Toole picked up the baton, and polled her audience with the same question, and her results were even more shocking - 83% said that they DIDN'T!!! And lots of people even asked her what a virtual coffee date was.

I am absolutely fascinated by these results. I had no idea that people weren’t doing this so, if you’ll allow me to get a little evangelical here, I want to urge you to consider adding them into your marketing mix, if you haven’t already. I know time is an issue for many of you, but even if you just do a couple every month I promise that your business will see huge benefits.

Ooh and if you have no idea where to start, take a look at this post for some tips.

The secret to success?

Make of this what you will, but one commonality in both Meighan’s and my results was this - generally the people who were setting up virtual coffees on a regular basis were super successful biz owners who were on top of their game. The people who weren’t were either newbies, or opening struggling with their businesses.

There were obviously exceptions, but it’s definitely food for thought…

I’d love to know what you think

Do you do virtual coffees? Love 'em? Hate 'em? No idea what I'm talking about? Come and find me on Instagram & share your thoughts.