How to avoid getting peopled-out when making new connections

Are you an introvert?

The majority of my audience are introverts or HSPs, and one of the questions I get asked a lot is about how not to get depleted whilst you're out there doing all this important connection stuff.

This is such a great question - as introverts (and by introverts I mean someone who is energised by solitude, and finds being around people to be somewhat draining), keeping an eye on our energy levels and balancing our peoply time with our alone time, is CRUCIAL.

Here a few tips to avoid social burnout when you're building your biz community and connecting with all the people:

Stick primarily to written communication

Whilst I recommend getting face-to-face with new people at least once, you can accomplish SO MUCH just in writing. Sending social media messages, texts or emails is a perfectly acceptable (often preferable) way to keep up with your peeps.In fact, I have several deep and long-lasting relationships with people which have happened entirely via email!

The beauty of this is that you can put down your phone and go and do something else if it gets too much. Nothing needs to be responded to immediately!

Have untouchable periods

Those of you who follow my Instagram stories (what? You don't? Get on it) will have heard me talk about Mondays being my Introvert Day, I guard this day fiercely, and I know whatever else happens during the week, I have one day which is just for me.

I also block out an entire week every month or so, where I don't book any calls or meetings, and spend some time in glorious solitude. Game changer.

Learn your limitations

This one is a biggie. Figure out what your natural engagement rhythms are, and work your schedule around that. If you know that you can only handle peopling once a week, then pick one day a week for face-to-face stuff, block off every other day on your calendar and roll with it. If you can't handle meetings before noon, don't book meetings before noon.

There are no rules here. It's your life, your business, and your choice.

How do you manage your social energy whilst you’re building your business? I'd love to know. Shoot me an email, or come and find me on Instagram and let me know your tricks.