Community Project Lingo :: A Glossary of Terms

If you’re new to the idea of community projects, then there can be some confusing language to wrap your head around. To help clarify this I’ve put together a little glossary to get you up to speed – I’ll continue to add to this as necessary, so if you have anything you’d like me to add please do drop me a line.

COMMUNITY PROJECT – an online community project is an event where a group of complementary business owners get together to publicly explore and discuss a topic relevant to their industry and target audiences. Community projects can take a number of different forms, but they should have a clear theme, a diverse selection of voices, a set time-frame, and some sort of discussion forum for participants and attendees to take the conversation further.

The projects that I help with are usually a month long, and consist of a daily email containing a SUBMISSION from on of your PARTICIPANTS, supported by a discussion group (for example, a Facebook group). There are variations on this format, but this is the starting point for all my client projects.

PARTICIPANTS – the people (usually complementary business owners) whom you invite to submit content to your community project.

SUBMISSIONS – the content that your participants provide for your project, for example essays, video or audio discussing their take on your theme.

AUDIENCE – the people who will sign up and consume the submissions from your participants. Made up of a combination of your existing followers and those of your participants, as well as anyone else who signs up for the project. These are the people who will make up your community, and get involved with conversations in your discussion group.

THEME/TOPIC – this is what your community project is about. For example, my community project Demystifying The Artist was about what is actually means to be an ‘Artist’. To see some of the themes my other clients have come up with, take a look here or here.