Client Project :: Tracie Nichols' 'Rebel Crones Rising'

I have a phenomenal client community project to share with you today.

Tracie Nichols is a mentor, poet, aromatherapist and Rebel Crone. She is all about creating spaces where 50-ish+ sensitive, introverted womxn can unfurl their voices, be who they choose to be and do what they choose to do. Tracie is one of the most interesting and exciting people I’ve ever worked with - full of gentle wisdom and quiet power. We’ve been working together on creating Rebel Crones Rising: An anti-invisibility, silence-breaking community project, and oh my, it’s a humdinger.

What’s it all about?

The Rebel Crones Rising project is going to blow the lid off the societal idea that women over 50 should sit down, shut up, and fade into invisibility. Tracie has gathered together women of all ages to talk about their experiences and ideas about aging, ageism, and how it affects us all.

In Tracie’s own words:

"It all started when…

I was trying to write a clear, sensible description of this project for you. And then this bit of blazing (and, a bit salty) honesty fell out…

“This culture is epically fucked up and I'm done with living under and watching other womxn live under these conditions. I've bled fiftyfuckingseven years of my life into the sucking pit of patriarchal need that passes for society in this country, and I'm not giving one more drop of my blood, sweat, creative and emotional energy. Not. One. Drop. More. And, I'm going to do my damnedest to see that no other womxn does either.”

So now you’ve caught a glimpse of the fire in my belly that has me creating a project exploring the power of older womxn when they break free from the expectations and limitations enforced by society. And, you can see why calling myself - calling women like us - rebel crones starts to make a whole lot of sense.

This community project is about sharing powerful stories from crone or soon-to-be crone womxn who are living and working outside the boxes ageists and the patriarchy want to put us in. It’s meant to inspire, encourage, and offer a feeling of solidarity to womxn approaching and in their crone years. To help us refuse the aching, confusing, enraging, socially imposed isolation and invisibility we experience as silvering, softening women of deepening years."⁣

Right-between-the-eyes impact

Every time I read the project description I get chills, and I know that this project has the potential to kick-start some really important conversations. As with all my client projects, it's free to take part, and the magic begins on Sunday September 1st. Head on over to Tracie's site for all the details and to sign up.⁣ Oh, and don’t worry if you don’t feel like you’re old enough to take part - the project will cover themes relevant to women of all ages, and Tracie’s participants range in age as well.

Glorious co-creation

Tracie decided to go for my Conception to Completion package, as she wanted the full hands-on, co-creation experience, with accountability, guidance and support at every stage of the process. It has been a huge honour for me to help Tracie birth this powerful project into the world, and our sessions have been full of laughter, wisdom, and goose-bump inducing insights - just the way I like it!

Here’s what Tracie had to say about her experience:

To give respect where respect is due, birthing this project has been a great-big, giant co-creation from the start with Eli’s wise, experienced guidance keeping me centered.

While it’s my voice that reached out to start the process rolling, so many womxn’s voices and hearts have encouraged and lovingly called me on my palavering to get me to the gate, and then nudge me along.

That’s why, as I say in the project description, “Coming together. Witnessing each other. Sharing our stories. Defying the invisibility imperative. That’s the antidote. You and your story are the antidote.”
— Tracie Nichols | Mentor, Poet, Aromatherapist

And if Tracie’s project has inspired you to create your own powerful community project then click here to see how I can help.