Client Project :: Sophy Dale's Freedom Seekers' Collective

I am delighted to announce that my client, Sophy Dale, is launching her very first community project on Thursday November 1st. Squee!

Sophy is a business strategist and messaging & story coach for creative entrepreneurs, and she is the Real Deal. Super smart, super savvy, and one of the loveliest people you could ever hope to meet.

My experience with Sophy is a prime example of the power of community projects. I first ‘met’ Sophy a few years ago in a business group on Facebook. I had put out a request in the group for people to participate in my first online community project, Demystifying The Artist, and she offered to contribute a writer’s perspective. Her submission was wonderful (you can read it if you download the Demystifying ebook here) and I subsequently invited her to contribute to two further projects.

We kept in touch in between projects, and I ended up having a few (incredibly powerful) business coaching sessions with her. We got on like house on fire, so when I set up this new business I knew that she would be the perfect client. I reached out and made her an offer, and to my absolute delight she said yes!

BAM! From community project to client in a few easy, gentle, no-pressure steps

We started working together on her community project (she’s going through my Community Project Mentoring Programme) at the beginning of September, and she has been (as I suspected) the perfect client. Here’s what she has to say about the process so far:

I’ve been working with Eli Trier to launch my first ever community project (which is on creating more freedom through our businesses).

Anyway, if any of you are like me, and have been vaguely intending to run an online community project for ages, but haven’t quite got round to it, I can thoroughly recommend working with Eli - she gives you clear, step-by-step support to make sure you get it done and makes the whole process feel both doable and enjoyable. She’s so organised that she has got me doing this in the middle of the chaos of a house move...

Sophy’s project is called The Freedom Seekers’ Collective, and she’s gathering together thirty inspiring business owners to talk about freedom – what we actually mean when we say we want more freedom in our businesses, and the realities of creating that freedom. Here’s how Sophy puts it:

I think we’d all benefit from being able to see more of the visions of freedom that motivate each of us and also more of the messy middle we all have to get through to turn those ideals into reality. I’d love to lift the lid on what other business owners think and feel and struggle with when it comes to creating freedom - and I hope you’ll join me.

She has asked me to be one of the participants (yay!), so if you sign up you’ll hear my take on creating freedom in my biz and life, as well as from a whole host of other incredibly exciting and inspirational people.

I’ll do a full round-up and case study after the project is over to give you a real insight into what it’s like to work with me, run a community project, and the benefits it can have for your business, so keep your eyes on the blog for that post landing in a couple of months.

To find out all about Sophy’s Freedom Seekers’ Collective project, and to sign up to take part and receive the submissions, head on over to Sophy’s site here. I hope to see you there!

NB: The Freedom Seekers Collective project has now finished, but you can read all about Sophy’s experience with running the project in this case study.

And if you’re thinking about running your own community project, why not have a chat with me? It’s free, no-pressure, and fun! Click here to book your call.