Client Project :: Ruth Poundwhite's 'The Everyday Difference'

I'm so excited to share my latest client community project with you.

Ruth Poundwhite is a podcaster, writer, and business mentor who supports heart-led entrepreneurs with both the practical & purposeful sides of putting their work into the world. She is an absolute sweetheart, and the dictionary definition of a Quiet Revolutionary. I’m thrilled to bits to be working with her on a super powerful community project - The Everyday Difference.

What’s it all about?

The Everyday Difference project is going to open up SUCH an important conversation about how we change the world in tiny, everyday ways.⁣ Ruth and her participants are going to be exploring the ways in which creatives and business owners are making a difference in the world, no matter how small, no matter how ‘quietly’.

In Ruth’s own words:

"As a heart-led entrepreneur I need to believe that my work matters and that I’m contributing something to the world, no matter how small. I’ve tried to deny it, I’ve tried to fight it, but it’s just how I’m wired. And, though you might not admit it, deep down I know you probably feel it too.

But it’s not easy to recognise and own the difference that you can make, or already are making, through your creative work. It feels downright audacious or, worse, pretentious. Who am I to think I can change the world?!

And what does making a difference even mean? Yes, it’s the celebrities and billionaires donating to important causes, it’s the people on the streets leading protests for change, it’s the doctors and the nurses and the teachers making a direct impact in their communities every single day. But it’s not just that.

Aren’t we also making a difference by sharing our mental health struggles on our blogs? By building a platform and using it to spread good in the world, even if that’s in the form of a simple yet educational or uplifting Instagram caption? Doesn’t ‘making a difference’ also include those of us who unapologetically show up as ourselves and inspire others to do the same? And shouldn’t we also give more credit to the small business owners who, behind the scenes and without fanfare, are sourcing eco-friendly materials, or choosing to make their work more accessible, even when it decreases their profit margins?"⁣

How powerful is that?

⁣This is going to be a doozy of a project - it's free to take part, and starts on Monday July 1st. Head on over to Ruth's site for all the details and to sign up.⁣

Ninety minutes to awesome

I have absolutely loved working with Ruth on this project. She decided to go for a Blueprint Session so she could get the clarity and strategy behind her project nailed down before she got started, and I’m so impressed with how she’s pulled it all together.

Here’s what Ruth had to say about working with me:

Before I had my Blueprint Session I was concerned about the amount of work involved in running a community project, but now I feel great about it. I feel I’m in safe hands and know exactly where to go with my project. I’m excited, and a little scared, but in a good way.

Eli really knows her stuff. She’s an expert at what she does, and I felt like she really understood me and my way of doing business. I’d recommend working with Eli to all the introverts wanting to grow their community in a nice way.
— Ruth Poundwhite | Podcaster & Biz Mentor

And if Ruth’s story has inspired you to create your own powerful community project then click here to see how I can help.