Client Project :: Nicola Humber's 'The Magical Portal'

I have a new client community project to share with you today (you know how happy that makes me)!

Nicola is an author, publisher, book coach, podcaster, and all-round magical human. She runs the Unbound Writers’ Mastermind, and her own publishing house, Unbound Press. She was amazing to work with, and I completely fell in love with her project concept: exploring the incredible journey that writing a book can take us on. As a writer and author myself I am super excited for this project!

What’s it all about?

The Magical Portal project is all about the transformational journey of writing a book, and how each book we write is a magical portal to another world, and another phase of being - emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

The Magical Portal Project.png

In Nicola’s own words:

"After writing two transformational books myself, and supporting many other women to do the same, I’ve become enthralled by the deep and mysterious magic that’s activated when we choose to say, ‘Yes’ to ourselves and commit to writing a book.

Of course, we want to inspire change and new perspectives in our readers. But the transformation that happens as an author, both throughout the writing process and by actually releasing your book into the world, is surprisingly potent.

I know I’ve been blind-sided in the most disruptive and delicious way by some of the changes my books have brought into my life.

Writing a book is like casting a spell. And although we can never be completely sure what’s going to be unleashed during the process, we choose to do it anyway.

This, unbound one, is a heroine’s journey.

Each book has the potential to be a magical portal; a doorway to a new world - both for you and your reader.

Each book has a very specific medicine that it’s here to share with us.

And each book gives us the opportunity to alchemise the magnificent imperfection of our experience into gold.

The truth is that anyone can write a book. You might disagree, but we could all get a few thousand words down and put them together in a book.

What fascinates me is what happens when we allow the book-writing process to go deeper, when we say, ‘Fuck it!’, get naked and dive way down beneath the surface, letting go of the shoulds and any need to be acceptable, sensible or approved of.

What fascinates me is what happens when we make ourselves fully available to being transformed by the very act of writing a book."⁣

Instant goosebumps

⁣I have no doubt that this project is going to take us all on a transformational journey itself! It's free to take part, and starts on Thursday August 1st. Head on over to Nicola’s site for all the details and to sign up.⁣

For the self-starters

Nicola is an extremely motivated self-starter, so she just needed some support to help her sort out the strategy side of her project to make sure it would meet her goals. She was also keen to get her project set up in a very short time frame, so my Blueprint Session was the perfect fit for her.

Here’s what Nicola had to say about working with me:

I knew from the first time I connected with Eli online that I would work with her at some point. The only possible hesitation was the part of me that thought, ‘I could do this myself’, but I know from experience that support is always the way to go!

Before my session I was excited, but a little unclear about how I would actually do this. Now I’m even more excited, and I have super-clear plan that I can move forward with.

Eli is fun, relaxed and super-insightful, and I would definitely recommend working with her!
— Nicola Humber | Book Coach, Publisher & Author

And if Nicola’s story has inspired you to create your own powerful community project then click here to see how I can help.