Client Project :: Kerstin Martin's 'Asking For Impossible Things'

I have another fantastic client community project to share with you today.

Kerstin Martin is a Squarespace expert and teacher who uses a beautifully mindful and holistic approach to her work, as well as a stunning design aesthetic. She is also the designer of an amazing paper planner, the Eule Planner, designed specifically for entrepreneurs. I have known Kerstin online for several years, and I am in awe of how unutterably and effortlessly stylish everything she produces is! She actually booked me for this project way back in March 2019 so I have been looking forward to working with her for months.

What’s it all about?

In this community project, Asking for Impossible Things, Kerstin and her participants will be exploring the power and magic of asking for impossible things. Not only that, the project will also include Kerstin sharing the real-time process of her making an impossible ask of her own. It’s such an exciting twist on a classic format, and I can’t wait to see what happens. All will be revealed when you join the project…


In Kerstin’s own words:

"Are you ready to explore the power and magic of asking for impossible things?

I cannot count the number of times where I wanted something badly but did not dare to ask for it, usually for fear of rejection, and what that might say about me. Thankfully I have learned to be bolder and more intentional with regards to asking for things that I believe in. And to handle rejection for what it is: not a reflection on me but simply the other person choosing to say no. In this community project we will explore ways to ask that will increase our chances of a Yes, and also how to handle a No and move on from that.

There are many reasons why we hesitate to ask for something that feels impossible, and most of them are based on assumptions, self-doubt and fears.

What would happen if we put our assumptions, self-doubt and fears aside and simply asked?

Someone could say YES! In fact, it is very likely that someone, sometimes, will say yes.

We learn to be brave and open up surprising new opportunities along the way.

We learn that a No is not the end of the world.

We get to move things forward, either way.

We create new connections and plant seeds, regardless of a Yes or No.

We start a ripple effect that could potentially touch a lot of people.”


⁣I am so excited about this project (and yes, I know I say that every time ;p), not least because asking for impossible things is one of my absolute favourite things to do (it was actually one of my Sunday Letters about this topic which inspired Kerstin’s theme for this project). As with all of these projects, it's free to take part, and it starts on Tuesday October 1st. Head on over to Kerstin's site for all the details and to sign up.⁣

From soup to nuts

Kerstin opted for my full service Conception to Completion package, and she has been an absolute treat to work with. She’s totally on the ball with everything, despite her insane schedule, and she’s pulled everything together with her trademark style and panache. I always look forward to our sessions together.

Here’s what Kerstin had to say about working with me:

Big thanks goes to Eli Trier for the inspiration for this topic and for helping me get organised! She is an AMAZING facilitator and collaborator and I can highly recommend her if you want to launch your own community project
— Kerstin Martin

And if Kerstin’s story has inspired you to create your own community project then click here to see how I can help.