Building community with creative play

I am so excited to share this with you today. Earlier this month I ran a creative play workshop for Unity Technologies, as part of their Expat Community program, and it was so much fun!

Unity Technologies is a global games development company, and they employ people from all over the world to come and work at their head office based in Copenhagen. These international employees relocate to Denmark, with their families, and Unity does a fantastic job of helping them settle in and integrate into Danish life. They were looking for a fun event they could run to bring everyone together.

I proposed my Creative Play workshop:

“Using a series of fast-paced, quick-fire practical exercises and activities, this workshop is designed to challenge the participants to think creatively under pressure (both individually and as a team); uncouple their creative work from self-doubt and self-judgement; and refocus their energy on to the pure joy of creating (which is where the best work gets made).

Combining a light-hearted and enjoyable experience with important lessons gleaned from Eli’s extensive knowledge of the creative process, the aim of this workshop is to reconnect creative people with the joy of the process, thereby easing creative blocks, resistance, perfectionism and creative fear.

The tools and techniques in this workshop are applicable to all creative disciplines, and are not confined to those who identify as ‘artists’ in the traditional sense. From development to copywriting to design, anyone who creates anything will find this workshop beneficial.

Play is one of the most powerful learning tools at our disposal, particularly in the field of creativity, and it is central to Eli’s approach. The activities we will be doing involve drawing, painting, collage, and sculpture-making from scrap materials (imagine a kindergarten art class crossed with an art therapy session). It’s great fun, and very powerful.”

I’m delighted to report that the event was a roaring success and we had an absolute blast!

Here’s what Expat Program Manager, Marina Øster, had to say about the event:

Eli has a wonderful, positive and giving personality, which shone at the workshop.

I loved the ‘we were all in it together’ feeling the workshop created. It did not matter if you are good at something else, in this workshop we all shone one way or the other. It was fun and nothing was expected from you.

It is a great opportunity to make colleagues get closer by focusing on things that are unlike their jobs, despite rank, gender and age. I would recommend it to friends that work in bigger companies, as a team building event.
— Marina Øster | Expat Program Manager | Unity

Take a look at some of the incredible creations made by the group:


Can you believe these Scrap Sculptures were made in only 15 minutes? What a creative bunch!


What a few of the participants had to say:

It was great to use paint and make collages and sculptures out of random stuff and not think about what you were doing and why. Refreshing change from work!
— Elspeth Lawson
This definitely was a fun experience because it’s very different from what I normally do at work.

I really enjoyed allowing myself to explore an idea and not knowing in advance if it will be what I imagined from the start.
— Adam Palmar
The constraints on the activities (the materials, the goals, the timings) gave us freedom to be creative and play around but not be blocked by the blank page problem.

I would highly recommend it as a team building exercise.
— Andreia Gaita
I joined because I wanted to start feeling more creative again. The workshop is a great team-building exercise, it was fun, and yes, it can make people more creative. It reminded me not to overthink things!
— Beata Zwarycz

If you would like to book me to run a similar event for your company, then do get in touch with me here.