23 reasons why you should run a community project

I firmly believe that community projects are the perfect addition to your marketing mix, especially if you’re quiet, introverted, or an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person).

Here are 23 reasons why:

1) They position you as a leader in your industry 

When you stand up and lift the lid off something in your industry, or start the conversations that need to be started, you show the world that you are not only an authority, but an original thinker.

2) They make you the 'hub' of a community

Being an instigator draws people to you. It makes you visible. And when people think of you in this way, you’re the first person who comes to mind when they need what you do.

3) They increase your list size

If you’re running an email-based project, then people need to give you their email address in order to take part. Then they have an opportunity to get to know you over the course of the project, which means they’re much more likely to sign up to your main mailing list once the project is over.

4) They increase your social media following 

If you’re running the conversational aspect of your project on social media (on Instagram or in a Facebook group, for example), then people will most likely stick around after the project is over and continue to engage with you.

5) They give you a reason to connect more deeply and/or develop relationships with acquaintances and peers when you invite them to participate

One of the best ways to get to know people online is to invite them to something, and what better than a community project? Some of my most treasured friendships, collaborators and client relationships have come out of me inviting people to a community project.

6) They show the world what your values are and what you stand for

The theme of your community project is everything. It’s a real opportunity to have a damn opinion and to stand up for what you believe in, which will have the handy knock-on effect of drawing other people to you who believe in the same things.

7) They're a great way to start a revolution or a movement

Ooh, this is so good - I love it when people use their community projects in this way! If you want to take it a step further and make a real change in your industry (or the world), a community project will help rally the troops and kick start a powerful movement.

8) They introduce you to a wider audience

If you run a great project, it will get shared around the internet. Your participants will share it, their audiences will share it, your audience will share it. So many opportunities for new people to find you and fall in love with you.

9) They help your 'right' people to find you

When you get visible and share what you believe in, you attract your kindred spirits. It’s like lighting a beacon for the people who will just get it.

10) They're FUN

This is my favourite point of all. Running a community project is SO MUCH FUN. It’s an amazing experience and it will restore your faith in humanity. People are AMAZING!

11) They make you very visible in a very safe 'behind the scenes' sort of way

I get it, being visible on the internet is terrifying, and for many of us it can be totally paralysing - even if you know your business needs you to get out there. The wonderful thing about community projects is that there is safety in numbers - you’re leading the charge, but you’re surrounded by others who share your vision. It’s safe, and supportive, and just a lovely way to show up.

12) They help you to become a familiar face very quickly

You get to show up in people’s inboxes and social media feeds every day for a month, without it being spammy, or unwanted. For brand awareness and name recognition, that’s marketing gold.

13) They draw your ideal clients to you

If you’re clever, and pick the right theme and the right participants, your project will attract the people that you most want to serve. You won’t have to go looking for them, they’ll come right to your (virtual) door.

14) Because they're run in a limited time frame they don't burn you out

I’m an introvert too - I know what it’s like to get completely peopled out. One of the things I love about community projects is that you only need to be ‘on’ for a finite amount of time, and…

15) They're perfect for introverts and HSPs

Once your project is set up it will pretty much run itself. You’ll only need to spend 30-60 minutes a day popping into your conversation area and replying to comments etc. The peopling is shared out between everyone in the community - now, doesn’t that sound peaceful?

16) They're a great way to lead into a launch

Got a big launch coming up and need to gather an audience fast? Community project. Got an idea for a new offering and want to gauge interest? Community project. Booyah.

17) They're a great way to kick start or revive an online community such as a Facebook group

If your Facebook group is getting a little stale, or if you want to start a new one from scratch and get some members in quick, then a community project is a brilliant way to boost membership and engagement and get the conversation flowing again. However…

18) Even if you're not a group person, they're a great way to 'send up a flare' marketing-wise

I’m not a group person - I find it really hard to regularly engage with any kind of group. But you can use your community project in any way you see fit - why not just use it to build your mailing list, or reach out to people individually during or after the project to build relationships that way. Your project, your rules.

19) They can be used as marketing collateral ad infinitum

A community project provides content that can last forever. You can use it as a download on your website, or a lead magnet, or share bits of it as social media content, or blog posts. It can live on for as long as you like.

20) They can be turned into real books!

I’m a total nerd for real, tangible books, so I used Createspace to publish my community projects (with permission from my participants, of course) in actual book form, and they are gorgeous!

21) They're repeatable

You can do a community project with a new theme every year, or you can do the same community project with different participants. You can go deeper on a topic, or cover a different angle. There’s no limit.

22) They're ethical, people-focused, and a win-win for everyone involved

With the world of online marketing being a bit of a moral wasteland these days, populated by bots, funnels, targets and tripwires, a community project is a breath of fresh air, both for you and your audience. Plus, the methodology that I’ve developed over the years means that everyone involved benefits from the project, not just you. How often does that happen in online marketing?

23) They're valuable, important content that makes people pay attention, instead of ignorable marketing noise

When you create a community project, you create something that matters. It’s valuable, important and meaningful. The magic goes beyond just the content that produced, but the conversations and connections that the content facilitates. For those of you who hate the idea of creating content just for the sake of it, and worry about contributing to the overwhelming noise of the internet, this is HUGE.

So there you go, 23 reasons why community projects are totally awesome and you should consider running one this year.

If you’re inspired to get started then do shoot me an email or book a free call with me, and we can chat about what running a community project could do for your business.